Dear poetry lover,

If your heart is wounded, read my poem.

Poem from the timely poetry book 'Healing Words' by Alexandra Vasiliu

Thanks for reading.
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❤️If you are struggling to let go of a toxic relationship or release your traumatic past, Dare to Let Go is meant for you. You will reflect on letting go and healing, self-esteem and love, self-worth, codependency, peace, clarity, growth, and harmony. Every poem can help you heal and thrive, which makes Dare to Let Go an amazing tool for changing your life.

❤️In a time of despair, Time to Heal feels like a friendly hug. You can’t afford… not to have this heartwarming book. Every poem is a sign of love, compassion, and hope. Time to Heal will make you think and take action to go beyond your past.

❤️When you are at your lowest, read Blooming. Gracefully written, this inspiring poetry book will help you find hope and meaning again.

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Sending love to all.

6 healing and timely books by alexandra vasiliu