Through The Heart’s Eyes: Illustrated Love Poems

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Through The Heart's Eyes - Love Poems by Alexandra Vasiliu

By Alexandra Vasiliu

Through The Heart’s Eyes

Illustrated Love Poems

For those who want to see clearer. For those who want to love more. For you.

Through The Heart’s Eyes is an illustrated poetry collection that explores the enchanting idea that soulmates perceive the world differently and admire each other through eyes unique to them. If you are a fellow dreamer or romantic soul, curl up with this uplifting poetry book, and gaze at your loved one through the eyes of your heart. You will journey toward the luminous Lands Of Love, where my poems will quench your thirst for peace and harmony.

Best Selling Inspirational Poet

Alexandra Vasiliu

​Alexandra Vasiliu is an award-winning poet and an inspirational children’s book writer.
She has a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature and is the author of the bestselling poetry collections, Healing Words, Be My Moon, Blooming, and the empowering guided journal, Plant Hope.
When she isn’t busy writing books, Alexandra can’t imagine her life without laughter, hugs, and coffee.
Follow her on Instagram @alexandravasiliuwriter, Pinterest @AlVasiliuWriter or on her website She always loves hearing from her readers.
Alexandra Vasiliu, Poet and Author of HEALING WORDS, BE MY MOON, BLOOMING, and PLANT HOPE

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“I am truly wonderfully overwhelmed with this book. Until now, I’ve learned to keep my expectations low for poetry books, especially those with illustrations. I just can’t tell you how beautiful it is. The poetry brought a tear to my eye more than once: such gorgeous poetry. The illustrations are positively from Heaven itself because it glows with beauty. The book is worth it for either poetry or illustration, so to get them both inside this book is a real treat. I highly recommend this book. Highly.”

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