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Plant Hope by Alexandra Vasiliu

By Alexandra Vasiliu

Plant Hope

A Journal For Healing

An empowering self-help guide for those who are looking for healing and growth. A perfect companion for wounded souls searching to improve their lives.

Plant Hope is an engaging how-to journal. Each page helps you identify your trauma, explore your difficult life experiences, heal your hidden wounds, and find hope again.
Open this journal now and start building self-esteem. You will change yourself and grow. You will rise again and move on with your life in a wholesome way.
With this refreshing journal, you will discover:

  • Inspiring chapters: Who Are You? • My Heart • My Trauma • Past Patterns • Letting Go • Healing.
  • Plenty of space to journal your feelings, write your thoughts, face your emotions, capture your hopes, release stress, make wishes again, and build dreams for yourself.
  • Uplifting poems on healing, hope, self-esteem, and love.
  • Positive affirmations on self-discovery, healing, and growth.
  • Thought-provoking questions on trauma, letting go, healing, growth, hope, and love.
  • Mindful exercises on self-exploration and healing.
  • Easy creative drawings.
  • A quiet friend with whom you can always talk about your secrets, explore yourself, dream, relax, feel better, and step forward with your life.

Plant hope in your heart’s wounds, nurture your soul with love and kindness and wait for the healing flowers to grow and bloom.

Bestselling Inspirational Poet

Alexandra Vasiliu

​An award-winning poet, writer, and wife, Alexandra Vasiliu is a firm believer in the healing power of love.
She double majored in literature and French for her undergraduate degree before pursuing her Ph.D. in Medieval Literature. She is the author of the bestselling poetry collections, Healing Words, Be My Moon, Healing Is a Gift, and Through the Heart’s Eyes.
When she isn’t busy writing, she loves drinking coffee, collecting seashells, and spending time with her family.
Stay connected with her through Instagram @alexandravasiliuwriter, Pinterest @AlVasiliuWriter.
She always loves hearing from her readers.

Alexandra Vasiliu, Poet and Author of HEALING WORDS, BE MY MOON, BLOOMING, and PLANT HOPE

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