Dear friend,

You are not alone if you want to heal your wounded heart.
You are not alone if you want to leave your past behind and move on.
You are not alone if you want to discover your true worth.
You are not alone in your turmoil.
I have been there too.
And I hope my poem will tell you more about my journey through suffering, healing, clarity, empathy, love, and hope.

An Inspiring Poem by Alexandra Vasiliu, bestselling author of Healing Is a Gift, Healing Words, and Be My Moon

Dear friend, start your healing journey today. Start mending your broken heart. Start moving forward. And allow my empowering poetry collection, Healing Is a Gift, to be your friend in this difficult journey.

Healing Is a Gift is available worldwide. I hope you will get a chance to read my healing poems.  Much love and gratitude to all those who love, appreciate, and recommend my uplifting book to their friends. Love you very much.

Healing Is a Gift_The Bestselling Poetry Book by Alexandra Vasiliu

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