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Hi friends!

I am thrilled to announce that Healing Words, my inspirational poetry book on love, heartbreak, loss, depression, healing, hope, and women’s empowerment is out now and available worldwide.

This book that is so dear to my heart is dedicated to all of you who are struggling to let go of toxic relationships, heal your hearts’ wounds, rise from ashes, find hope again, and move on confidently. Healing Words will please all of you who are looking for healing, solace, and love. 

Take a peek inside Healing Words with Kindle Unlimited or grab a copy for yourself and someone special in your life.
Thank you to all of you who will choose to read, review, and champion my poetry book for teens. Your support means everything to me. 🙂

With much love and a lot of poetry,

HEALING WORDS - A Poetry Book by Alexandra Vasiliu