Hold my hand, please!
I don’t want to fall
from the planet
of never-ending dreams.


This is the first poem from my book “Hand in Hand: Love Poems“, published last year. I wrote this short love poem as an inspirational quote for my whole life.

Poetry Book/Alexandra Vasiliu
I cannot live or write without love. And what I mean by this is not a simple, temporary feeling or enthusiasm.
Love is the most powerful, the most beautiful, and the most blessed energy in the world.
And I need this wonderful, serene energy to be my guiding light in my biggest choices, in the challenges of being a better wife, in my journey of motherhood, and in writing good books.
I hope you know from your own life’s experiences what shared love means. And I hope you need this kind of love as much as I do, to find out more about yourself and your own dreams.
This is why I write love poetry books for teens.
This is why if there is a dreamer in you, then my books are made just for you.