BLOOMING: Poems on Love, Self-Discovery, and Femininity by Alexandra Vasiliu

By Alexandra Vasiliu


Poems on Love, Self-Discovery, and Femininity

Need to take care of your precious self and grow with love and gratitude?

From the bestselling author of Healing Is a Gift and Be My Moon comes a new and touching poetry book about love, self-discovery, mental health, healing, and growth.

Blooming is a beautiful journey inward in search of love, healing, peace, clarity, hope, and light. An inspiring journey through powerful feelings that grow from seeds and change into flowers. A journey about you and your beautiful heart.

What you should expect from this inspirational book:
uplifting poems about love, self-discovery, inner beauty, healing, growth, and personal transformation;
positive affirmations about self-worth, self-esteem, letting go, and happiness;
encouraging words about life, relationships, acceptance, happiness;
great artwork about feelings and raw emotions;
and much more.

Beautifully and well-written, Blooming is a must-read for both women and men and especially for those who are:
in love;

missing someone;
discovering their inner beauty;

in search of love, hope, and happiness.

A perfect gift for:
birthdays and name days;
Valentine’s Day;
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day;
Christmas, Easter, and other holidays;
any special occasion of the year.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to nurture your heart with love, grace, and kindness. Get a beautiful copy of Blooming today and allow yourself to grow roots in love and bloom.

Blooming is a fantastic companion to Be My Moon, Magnetic, and Through the Heart’s Eyes.

Bestselling Inspirational Poet

Alexandra Vasiliu

Alexandra Vasiliu is an inspirational poet and the bestselling author of Healing Is a Gift, Healing Words, Time to Heal, Dare to Let Go, and Be My Moon. As an award-winning poet, she uses her imagination to write books that help people overcome life’s adversities, heal their emotional wounds, increase empathy, find hope, become stronger, and love again. Her poetry touched thousands of people, one heart at a time.
Alexandra double majored in Literature and French for her undergraduate degree before pursuing her Ph.D. in Medieval Literature.
When she isn’t busy writing, she can be found in bookstores browsing books or outdoors chasing violet sunsets.
Get in touch with her on:
Instagram @alexandravasiliupoetry,
TikTok @alexandravasiliupoetry,
and Facebook @AlexandraVasiliuWriter.
She loves hearing from her readers.

Alexandra Vasiliu, Poet and Author of HEALING WORDS, BE MY MOON, BLOOMING, and PLANT HOPE

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