When you are struggling in life, please read my poem. It is written for you.

Poem from the powerful poetry book 'Healing Is a Gift' by Alexandra Vasiliu

Thanks for reading.
I hope my poem from my powerful poetry book, Healing Is a Gift, inspired you to embrace your precious self.

Healing Is a Gift is here to help you make peace with your past and love your beautiful self more. Healing Is a Gift is a gentle reminder to believe in your unique beauty despite imperfections. Get your exquisite copy of Healing Is a Gift today and remind yourself, ‘my heart is a poem.’ If you haven’t read my book, today is the right time to discover it.

Much love and gratitude to all those who support my work, champion my book on social media or show their appreciation by writing a short Amazon review. Thank you very much for your support, love, and kindness. I would never be here without you. Thank you, beautiful souls.

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