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Dear friends,

I have great news: ‘Be  My Moon‘ is out and available worldwide. Hooray! Please take the time and give a warm welcome to ‘Be My Moon‘ – my newest poetry collection about love, longing, raw emotions, moon, inner beauty, femininity, passion, and happiness.

If you are a moon lover just like me, then this book is written for you. Just for you. And for all romantic souls. And for all moon lovers in the world. And for all those who know their worth and magic. And for all those who hide the moon in their hearts. And for all those who dream of pure love and happiness. And for all those who believe in togetherness. And for all those who want to feel more precious and loved. But first, my poetry collection was written for you. Just for you. 🙂 Give it a try and grab your copy today!

I hope my poems will touch your heart and make you feel more connected with your loved one.

Thank you for all the love and support. I am beyond grateful.

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Be My Moon - A Poetry Book For Romantic Souls by Alexandra Vasiliu