Have You Seen a Kangaroo Saying How Do You Do_by Alexandra Vasiliu
By Alexandra Vasiliu

Have You Seen
A Kangaroo
How Do You Do?

A hilarious read-aloud like no other! From the beloved and bestselling author, Alexandra Vasiliu comes a new funny book about friendship, the perfect gift for kids and their friends.

From a smart bear and a smiley alligator to a happy tiger, this adorable rhyming book brings together humor, creativity, and friendship in a way that engages young readers and keeps them entertained.
With silly rhymes, easy-to-read text, an awesome story, plenty of humor, a positive message, and vivid illustrations, Have You Seen a Kangaroo Saying How Do You Do? is an imaginative picture book that teaches children to cherish their friends and appreciate the power of creativity. This hilarious book boosts reading confidence and helps young readers gain fluency. It will surely become one of your family’s favorite books.
Open this cute and imaginative picture book to any page and expect only giggles and laughter.

What you will find in this adorable, amusing picture book for ages 4-10:
laughing F
unny rhymes that encourage children to read aloud and become independent readers
laughing S
illy poems that help children develop their vocabulary and creativity
laughing A
beautiful variety of animals and birds well-loved by children
laughing A
cute and humorous story in verses
laughing A
mazing illustrations that help children enjoy art.

Perfect for kids ages 4-10, this funny book makes a great gift for:
Beginning readers
Children who know the alphabet and are eager to read
First day of preschool
First day of Kindergarten
Preschool graduation
Kindergarten graduation
Christmas stocking
Any holiday
Bedtime, storytime, and any read-aloud occasion
Any time of year your child needs to laugh.

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