Mom, look at me how I’m playing!
I hold out my hand and catch butterflies
I laugh and spin so fast
that even the sun gets dizzy.
Then, with one finger
I take it and put it in my hair
like a special jewel of innocence.
Mom, look at me how I’m playing!
I smile as soon I see other kids.
They are amazed just like me.
We recognize our hearts.
We know
that they are made from
the same dough of joy and trust.
Mom, look at me!
We play together
like true friends.
We have a magic key
with which we can open
all the world’s doors.
Mom, look at me!
We smile and play.
This is the true happiness,
believe me!


What Do Kids Teach The Grown-Ups?

Have you ever had the opportunity to see kids from all over the world, playing on a playground?
How do they understand one another?” you ask yourself a little bit worried. „O, let’s hope they won’t get upset”, you add.
Then, after a few minutes, kids laugh, run, go to the slides or the swings or invent a new game.
You are amazed and ask yourself: „How do they understand each other without words?”
One kid is Chinese, one is American, and another one is Romanian. Everyone speaks his or her mother tongue.

How Do They Get Along?

Kids speak the language of smiles. Joy bonds them immediately, because joy doesn’t have language borders.

  • Only they remind us that in paradise we won’t speak English, Chinese or Romanian. We will speak the language of smiles, the language of friendship, and the language of good will.
  • Kids remind us that a true smile melts the borders and bonds people’s hearts.
  • They reveal to us how natural good will is, how beautiful love is, how simple harmony is.
  • They show to us that heaven is part of our nature. Love, understanding, harmony, and joy are seeds of heaven, deeply embeded in our souls.

A Short Reminder

Looking at them while they are playing is like hearing a reminder: „you can be a better person, just share your smile and goodwill.”

Having these thoughts in my mind, I wrote this poem. I hope you liked it.