If you want to experience beauty,
turn poetry into life.
There is no other simpler way.

TURN POETRY INTO LIFE with Alexandra Vasiliu

Look at people
with the eyes of your heart,
add a verse of love
here and there,
heal the painful moments of your life
as you would rewrite a little poem
with empathy and wonder,
seed a hug
in everything you do,
spread your light and purity
over the fields of this world.

There is no other simpler way
to experience beauty.

Turn poetry into life.
This is the miracle
that you can do every day.
Let poetry be alive.

Poem on self-discovery, healing, love, life, and joy by Alexandra Vasiliu


Thank you for reading my poem. There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing my poetry inspired you. Feel free to leave a comment below.
Until next time, I hope you will find a way to turn poetry into your life. 🙂
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