to love
to believe
to dream
to give
to caress
to wait for
to fall in love
to build
and to build again
to blossom
to grow
to burn
to rise from the ashes
to love again
to spread joy
to be meek
to humble yourself
to create harmony
to light
to cuddle
to keep warm
to laugh
to protect others’ hearts
to be faithful
to love
and to love again
and again
and again

Illustrated Poetry Alexandra Vasiliu

I would like to thank you all for your constant support. It means a lot to me. Poetry is such a fantastic way to speak directly to someone’s heart and to reveal so many invisible realities.
I greatly appreciate that you spread the word about my modern poetry books for teens. I hope that many other people will enjoy my poetry collection in their own cozy reading nook.
Thanks once again.

Have a fantastic New Year, friends! Be filled with love, wisdom, goodness, beauty, and peace! Best of luck to you all in this new beginning!
Happy reading in 2018!