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If you deal with pain or depression, read this poem. It is dedicated to you.

No matter what you have been
through your life,
let kindness be
the language of your heart. 

Empowering Poem about Kindness by Alexandra Vasiliu, Author of BLOOMING and HEALING WORDS

Thanks for reading.

I think this is the perfect time to share with you something behind the scenes. 🙂

This poem is the reason why I started to write Healing Words, my empowering poetry book for women.
To spread kindness, love, and light.
To help you overcome your trauma.
To help you heal your heart’s wounds.
To help you find your inner strength.
To help you appreciate your worth.
To be next to you when you feel down.
To help you rise from ashes.
To remind you that healing is all about love.
And healing starts with self-love.
To help you look at yourself with new eyes.
To remind you that you are strong and beautiful.
To whisper in your ear, “You will bloom again. You will find love. True love. Just be patient. You will be happy and whole.”

I wrote this self-help poetry book for you.
Especially for you.

Discover Healing Words on Amazon or your favorite online bookstore today.
Get a sneak peek and order your beautiful copy.
You deserve to heal and rise confidently.

Thank you to all those who will read and refer Healing Words to their friends.
Your support means everything to me.

Much love,

Healing Words - A Beautiful Poetry Book For Broken Hearts by Alexandra Vasiliu