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If you haven’t already written your resolutions for 2020, you still have enough time.
Here is my suggestion. 🙂

I hope
that in 2020
you will build a bridge of love
from your heart
to mine.

Thanks for reading.
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Thank you to all of you who have bought, reviewed, and championed my poetry collection Blooming. Thank you for your tremendous support. Thank you for being such a wonderful poetry community.
You made my poetry book hit the 100 top poetry anthologies list this year.
Thanks to you, Blooming is worldwide appreciated and added to many 2020 reading lists. You are magnificent.
I hope that in 2020 you will continue to be here with me. I also hope that together we will make Blooming be one of the best 10 poetry anthologies on Amazon.
Happy New Year, friends!
Sending love, joy, and light to all of you!