Let me be free in your love
 like an eagle soaring
 in the sky!

Let me be free in your love
 like sunrays dancing
 in Spring’s air!

Let me be free in your love
 like a seedling
 longing to grow
 and bloom in your arms!

Blooming Poetry Book by Alexandra Vasiliu

Thank you for reading my poem from my latest poetry book, “Blooming”. Have you read this poetry book? It’s gorgeous, trust me. 🙂 I wrote about love, life, heartbreaks, hope, healing, self-discovery, femininity, family, and of course happiness. 😊 So you have plenty of beautiful topics to choose from. 🙂

Blooming” is available worldwide on Amazon and other good retailers. You can buy a copy here. If you already ordered it, thanks a million. 🙂 

Poetry Book by Alexandra Vasiliu
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