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Hi friends!

As many of you know, my inspirational poetry book on love, loss, loneliness, heartbreak, and hope, Healing Words, is out now and available worldwide. This book that is so dear to my heart is dedicated to all of you who are struggling to let go of toxic relationships, heal your hearts’ wounds, rise from ashes, and move on confidently.
Here is a poem from this collection:

When you remember
painful things from your past
and when you feel
or heartbroken,
don’t run.
Look into the eyes
of those memories
and declare,
“Don’t visit me anymore.
I don’t belong to you.
I belong to love.”

Thanks for reading.

Writing a poetry book means to be brave to embrace your vulnerabilities. So here I am, in front of you. My heart is open like a poetry book. I hope that you will be kind; each of my poems hides so many wounds, scars, and vulnerabilities. I hope that my poems will speak to your heart. And thank you for being here with me. I am genuinely humbled by your support.

Enjoy Healing Words for free with Kindle Unlimited or grab a copy for yourself and someone special in your life. Either way, stay busy healing your heart.