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When you need inspiration, read my poem. It is written for you.

If you root yourself
in love
and kindness,
your heart will always bloom.

Always Bloom - A Short Poem by Alexandra Vasiliu, Author of BLOOMING and HEALING WORDS

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BLOOMING is written for you. Yes, for you. 🙂 For your beautiful heart.

From the very first poem to the last one, BLOOMING will help you find your way, your unique way to become an empowered woman blossoming in love.
Come with me on this journey of love, healing, personal transformation, and happiness. Come with me and you will discover so many powerful feelings that grow from seeds and change into flowers. Come with me and you will see how your heart can change into a flower. A beautiful flower. Come with me. Are you ready to bloom?


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May we all bloom in kindness!

BLOOMING - An Empowering Poetry Book by Alexandra Vasiliu